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What are FLOGOS made of?

FLOGOS are made of “bath foam,” which flies through the air with the help of compressed air and helium.

This bath foam is created using filtered water and a concentrate of our special FLOGOS Fluid.

FLOGOS are skin-friendly, 100% environmentally safe and dissolve after about 30- 45 minutes.

How long, how far and how high does a FLOGO fly?

FLOGOS can travel many kilometers before they evaporate. Depending on the wind conditions, they can fly up to 10 kilometers and rise to a height of up to 1500m.

As FLOGOS have a life expectancy of around 30-45 minutes, it doesn’t take long for the sky to be full of them.

They can be seen across long distances above rooftops and trees, and they transport their message far beyond the location of the event itself.

How big is a FLOGO?

FLOGOS can be up to 90 cm in diameter of course you can make them smaller or multiple shapes on 1 stencil.

Where does the name FLOGOS come from?

The name “FLOGOS” stands for “flying logos” or “floating logos.”

And even if FLOGOS  are far more than just logos, the original name was retained.

After all,… “flying foam motifs” or “floating lettering” just doesn’t have that ring to it when abbreviated.

Can I have colored FLOGOS, too?

Yes. The FLOGOS foam can be colored using a special dye.

But the pure white FLOGOS reflect the light best.

And at night, colored spotlights can be directed at the FLOGOS creating particularly attractive effects. We would also like to point out that there is a risk of staining if dyed FLOGOS are used, for example if they touch the walls of buildings or doors. We cannot accept any liability in such cases. But apart from possibly leaving patches of dye, colored FLOGOS are just as environmentally friendly as white ones. We do strongly recommend using light or laser to color the Flogos!

Can you fly FLOGOS indoors, too?

Yes. FLOGOS can also fly indoors. The helium content of FLOGO can be very finely metered, allowing to control the speed at which they rise. The FLOGOS foam is very dry and therefore makes virtually no wet marks on walls or ceilings. May leave minor stains on glass, just like soap bubbles do. Be aware that if you fly continuously for the whole day, there may be some dry flogos marks on the ceiling that will eventually disappear in a day or two.

Higher ceilings are better, as then the FLOGOS can rise further and spread better, but FLOGOS can also be used in rooms with low ceilings.

You can even have FLOGOS hover almost on the spot, an excellent effect, especially for indoor events. As the conditions are absolutely stable indoors (no wind, constant air humidity, etc.), the helium content can be set to a constant and perfect level.

Are FLOGOS environmentally friendly?

Yes. They are 100% environmentally compatible.

FLOGOS consist of “bath foam”, produced by mixing water and our FLOGOS Fluid, which is biodegradable. This means that FLOGOS leave no environmentally harmful residue when they dissolve after approx 30-45 minutes. That makes FLOGOS an innovative Green-Marketing Tool that fits in perfectly with a corporate mission statement that emphasizes sustainability.

How many FLOGOS does a machine produce?

FLOGOS are generated on a continuous basis. As a basic rule, small FLOGOS can be generated in quicker succession than large ones. The interval varies between approx. 10 and 40 seconds.

If several machines are used, they are set so that they release the foam shapes into the air at staggered intervals. This means you can fill up the sky very quickly.

What shapes can I turn into a FLOGO?

There are hardly any limits to the possibilities here!

A FLOGO can have a size of up to 90cm, can have more complex shapes and take the form of lettering or symbols. If you use words, we recommend that they should not have more than four letters, as otherwise, there is a risk that they will be illegible.

And if a shape consists of too many individual elements, it may break up in the air and also become difficult to recognize.

Can you launch different shapes with just one FLOGOS machine?

Yes, because the FLOGOS stencils can be replaced very quickly and easily.

It takes just a few simple steps to replace the templates, even while the machine is in operation.

Changing the template thus takes only a few seconds, so different FLOGOS shapes can be launched. If the shapes are very small, it may also be possible to have several different shapes on one stencil and launch them into the air simultaneously.

If you want to release several larger shapes at once, this is only possible by using multiple FLOGOS machines.

Does FLOGOS work in any weather?

Any outdoor event is more fun when the sun is shining and the temperatures are mild:

FLOGOS works in almost any weather. “Upward,” there are no limits, i. e. even extreme heat and humidity are not a problem. High temperatures don’t affect the foam or the flying characteristics of FLOGOS. “Downward,” FLOGOS works up to temperatures of -3 degrees Centigrade and wind speeds of up to 12 km/h. Light rain or drizzle don’t bother FLOGOS either. Heavy rain, on the other hand, would destroy the foam shapes.

Does FLOGOS have a warranty?

Our FLOGOS lite machines are under limited lifetime warranty on functioning parts!

Therefore, we take care of making it work again in case some of the vital parts go broken during normal usage


What is Evaporative Snow™ made of?

FG-100 Evaporative Snow™ is a laboratory formulated foam based solution that makes the brightest looking evaporative snow product. It is 98 percent water and two percent surfactant. Surfactants are elastic chemicals that make the hollow flakes. This solution, used in our snow machines, creates a realistic looking snowfall. The solution is air aerated at 1/10,000. The water starts to evaporate within seconds making the flakes become smaller and lighter until they disappear. The surfactant chemical becomes microscopic particles. The surfactants used in our FG-100 formulation are of the highest cosmetic grade possible. They are non-allergenic, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-staining.

Will the Evaporative Snow™ stain anything?

When the machines are used properly, they leave no moisture. For years we have been making it snow on millions of visitors in theme parks, and we have never received one complaint of staining. If the flakes are made very large, they can hold some moisture, which can remove the pigment of silk and lacquer surfaces like a baby grand. In these cases, the flake size has to be adjusted to a quick evaporative flake size.

Is the snow fluid slippery?

The product, used with the right settings, can be run continually without causing any slippery surfaces. This can be achieved by setting the flake size to evaporate before it hits the ground.

We are the only snow provider that tests snow fluid for wetness – slippage on various floor surfaces, a coefficient of friction meter testing. We had several independent coefficients of friction measurement slip tests with major theme park clients and passed with flying colors. We also provide coefficients of friction measurement slip tests for our clients when requested.

A 0.50 COF or above has been recognized as providing non-hazardous walkway surfaces which is accepted industry standards as adopted by UL and the ASTM. OSHA sets many requirements of safe floors under 29 CFR-1910 referring to providing floors of anti-slip surfaces or maintaining surfaces in non-slip conditions in commercial building. It is generally considered in the industry that a walkway surface with a coefficient of friction higher than 0.50 is non-hazardous. Our snow fluid test results found that floor surfaces are rated drier by 0.20+ after we ran snow for a long duration of cycles over time and tested the same surfaces when dry. No particle-accumulated weight on the surface either. That’s why you only see Evaporative Snow ™ machines and Evaporative Snow® fluid brand used in theme parks worldwide.

Can the snow machines run outdoors in freezing temperature?

Yes, as long as you keep the solution warmer than 0 degrees centigrade. You can use a heating blanket or a battery warmer.

What is the Auto Refill System?

The Automatic Fluid Refill Station System maintains the fluid levels in small machine reservoirs by refilling them automatically from a bulk storage container. It is especially useful for extended machine operations or in installations that make reservoir refilling difficult.

How many devices can one Auto Refill Station be connected to at one time?

The Auto Refill Station is designed for one device to be refilled of fluid. If you need more than one device, use multiple Auto Refill Stations.

How far can you draw fluid from horizontal with the Refill System?

We have tested 60 meter, but in theory it should work up to 300 meter.

How far can you draw fluid vertical with the Refill System?

We have pumped 20 meter but in theory it should work up to 60 meter.

What kind of warranty does the Refill System have?

Because this item has wearable parts such as the values in the pump, we can only warranty them for 30 days. If the pump is run dry the warranty is voided.

What happens if the Auto Refill Station is run dry for long period of time?

First, the warranty is voided. After 10 minutes on dry use, a thermal switch will actuate and shut down the auto refill station. It will require a cool down period of 20 minutes.

What if the pump of the Auto Refill System is not pumping fluid?

It is best that you set the pumping station and snow machine on the ground first to set up the unit and make sure the pump is primed. The pumping station needs a drop of fluid to prime. A dry pump will not move the fluid. You may need to blow fluid into the intake stem. This could be done with a bulb or syringe. You need to squirt fluid through the pump while the pump is turned on. If the pumping station is making a loud noise, the odds are that it needs this process done. Make sure the inlet hose at the receiving bottle is below the flotation device. Remember that if you disconnect the hose from the pump on top of the machine, the fluid in the house will run down the hose including some of the fluid in the bottle. Make sure the pumping station is a short distance from the bulk fluid. Make sure the hose is on the bottom at the bottom of the bulk fluid container. You should wire tie a bolt to the end as a good anchor.

What other fluid has been run through the Auto Refill Station?

Fog, bubble fluid, water, haze and snow fluids. This unit is not intended for corrosive/explosive fluids.


What types of scent machines do you carry?

A portable machine (The ES-100) that treats up to 250 square meter, a medium-size machine (The ES-1100) which can scent up to 450 square meter, and a large HVAC unit (The AromaStat 1) that introduces scent directly into your A/C system, treating your entire facility, up to 900 square meter.

How long does a scent cartridge last?

Scent cartridges last 360 hours on average. Customers can opt to replace them from one to three months, depending upon how frequent their machine is programmed to run.

Are the scents environmentally friendly?

Our scents are made from natural materials and the cartridge is 100% recyclable.

How many scents are available?

We have a unique variety of scent options in stock. We can also produce an unlimited number of signature scents, as well as custom scents.

Who uses your scent machines?

Cruise lines, hotels & resorts, major theme parks, funeral homes, universities, theaters, restaurants, and most recently The Golden Globes — as well as many, many more. We also sell our machines for use in numerous private homes all across the globe! Any business environment can enhance productivity, sales, and customer satisfaction with scent. The brain forges a link between scent and memory that can identify your product, service, or place of business.

Accordion Panel

Our machines deliver scent without spritzing oils, aerosols, or propellant, that can cause harmful build-up from damp mists which collect dust.

What is the warranty?

All of our scent machines have a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.