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FLOGOS – Buyers guide – What should I buy?


After years of FLOGOS™ lite, we have summed up our experience in this FLOGOS – Buyers guide, and we can say one thing for sure: Dear buyer, we know exactly what you need!

In this short guide, we will try to lead you through the whole process and help you identify your requirements.

First: know what you need!

Regardless of whether you are an amusement giant, a marketing specialist, a special effects company or a football team marketing manager, you will all need a FLOGOS™ machine + accessories. The only thing is, how many of them and in which setup?

For outdoor events, we use at least 2 units. In our experience, you won’t achieve the desired effect using only one machine. For festivals or large open spaces, even two machines may not be enough, so don’t limit yourself. If you plan on renting out the machines to corporate clients, you may want to start with two or six 36” units, as this will allow you to make most complex shapes, and it will give you the full variety of options, like more locations at once or many different shapes at once. Low budget or you would like to show the product to your clients first? No problem; just take one to start with and then come back for more!

Second: choose your accessories.

First, the basics;

FLOGOS™ machines run on:

  • Electricity – regular power source  220 V,16 amp, nothing fancy
  • Helium gas – or should we say balloon gas or balloon helium? You will have to scout your local market for it.
  • Water – deionized is highly recommended. Of course, we can’t provide you with a water source, but we can help you with an ion exchanger system.
  • FLOGOS ™ fluid – on stock
  • Compressed air – mandatory air compressor. You can order one from us.

Now let’s have a better look at the above components.

Electricity is a standard thing. A regular power source is more than adequate. And in case you are wondering, you can use a power generator as well.

Helium works exactly the same as balloon gas but is more expensive, so look for balloon gas. Ask your helium supplier for an appropriate pressure regulator with a quick connector, or order one from us if you come from Germany.

When it comes to water, we don’t like to experiment. Deionized water will allow you to fly with one gallon of fluid for around a week. In the worst case scenario, buy distilled water in a supermarket near you. The harder the water is, the shorter it will allow you to fly.  If you don’t want any surprises during the event, always use deionized water + fluid mixture not older than 7 days. Again, if you come from Germany, order our ion exchanger!

You will also need a water pump to get rid of the fluid from the machine when you’re done. You can order one from us, but almost any submersible water pump will do the job.

FLOGOS™ fluid is a special soap solution and a heavy concentrate available only from us, the official FLOGOS distributors. It is sold in packs of 4 – 4 gallons. 1 gallon is one filling of the 36” machine, and once mixed with water, will let you fly for up to one week. Work out in advance how much fluid you are going to need!

Compressed air is supplied via an air compressor. Our “black mamba” air compressors may not be cheap, but they are worth every cent. 

If you are planning to buy other air compressors, just remember that they have to be 100% oil-free, capable of delivering a steady 50 PSI / 3.44 bar with at least 141.6  liters/min. And one more very important thing: make sure they can work without a break!

Third: ordering, payment, delivery and extras.

Since you already know the basics, let us help you put together your starting setup. After sharing some details with our specialists, they will give you advice and draft an offer.

An example of a basic 36’’ setup with accessories would be:

1 x FLOGOS™ lite machine

1 x black mamba air compressors

2 x boxes of FLOGOS™ Fluid

1 x water pump

+ options like stencils, pressure regulator (Germany only) or training.

After placing your order, you will receive an invoice. We take full payment in advance, and we honor credit cards, wire transfer or cash.

When payment has been effected, we ship out your goods, and it takes only around 5 days to deliver within Europe. It’s that easy.

We hope this guide answered some of your questions, but if it didn’t, feel free to contact us!

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