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FLOGOS email correspondence

here is something we want to share because we think it might be valuable Flogos information for you. Below is an original email correspondence with a potential Flogos customer, all we did we XXX out the name. If you want more information about topics like that please check out our FLOGOS Buyers guide and feel free to email us.
Hi Flo,
thank you for your e-mail, I’m  trying to decide whether to make this investment or not. Swiss people are quite closed so it’s not easy to find appreciation for your business. Then another reason is the exclusivity on the Swiss market.
Last I checked, I saw that they use as decoration balloons for children’s parties because can play with them. You think may become most popular Flogos than balloons??    
Can work better maybe for weddings …very few in these times.

Could you please send me a video with different images about Flogos. I can start to show it to a specialist in party and ask his opinion. Thank you.
Have a good beginning of the week.


thank you for your email.
I want to give you my honest opinion but please keep in mind that I am biased because I sell Flogos for more than 8 years;-)
But that said I have seen a lot of patterns…
First of all, there is NO exclusivity worldwide! If you buy a Flogos machine from us you can go and do events all over the world – no restriction.
I understand your point that Flogos might feel more difficult as a business decision than other models but that is also a chance for you. I have a lot of people who think about it and love the product but never bought a single machine (yet). On the other hand, I have a bunch of people like you made the decision to just give it a go.
Honestly, I believe that it is very hard to sell if you just go out and explain it!  That is for 2 reasons, first you will always put more effort in the  selling the things you already have over the things you might consider buying and of course you feel more comfortable about selling the ones you have and know how they work and second because it is very difficult to explain a super emotional product like Flogos. Even after almost 9 years, it is hard for me. Especially, because it is new and not (easy) to compare with other products like balloons or so. 
Those people who commit to Flogos and purchase the equipment AND use/ demo it are usually successful! That is a pattern I have seen in more than 40 countries with hundreds of machines that we have sold. 
Please, believe me, I don´t want to talk you into buying something you don´t want, I am just giving you my perspective. 
Generally, suggest to start with 1 or 2 machines, get the equipment before the season starts, play with it, get used to it and demo your rehearsals (invite people over, go to public places or a customer etc) and document your test for your website, facebook etc. That gives you 2 benefits, 1) people/ your customer associate the Flogos with you and 2) you know how Flogos work and you have the equipment which is super important because these people who wait for a customer and then buy are usually, not going to pull it off. Why? Because they don´t know how to quote it, they might not even get the equipment in time or maybe a day before the event starts (usually customers, especially first-time customers, book within a week of the event) ….
For kids parties, it might be fun to do something interactive and let them draw their own stencils and see their own Flogos fly. From weddings sometimes you can get great referral jobs from not only the couple or their guests but also from the photographer or the venue and not only for weddings maybe for corporate events etc.
XXX, you see I could go on forever…. 😉 Maybe I should make a blog post out of this email, because I feel a lot of people feel like you, quite frankly I was in your shoes about 9 years go 😉
Here is a link to a video with multiple stencils and you see videos of Flogos on youtube all over the place from our customers. What I don´t like about the video is that it show the Flogos only and not the way how people react to it. You are like all of us in the attention business, what I mean by this is you want the attention of for customer and if you provide something that gives them the attention of their customer, you make money! Flogos is a perfect tool for that! Flogos gives you and your customer attention and something they haven´t seen before, that is where the money is. That by the way, is the strongest selling argument, besides the fact that it is 100% safe for the environment and needs no permission. 
XXX, I appreciate your openness to Flogos and the questions you asked show me that you are in a thought process I also appreciate that you read the whole email (sorry that it became such a monster).
Let me know if you have further questions. I am always here to assist you.
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