FLOGOS – The business model

Flogos drives sales

FLOGOS – The business model


You probably ask yourself what is our business model or what happens when you buy our FLOGOS ™lite?

Actually we have only good news for you. There is no agreement of any kind, there are no license fees or obligations. You buy the machines and do with them whatever you like!

You don’t have to worry about MOQ (minimum order quantity) or your market regulations.

We keep it simple so that you get the delivery as soon as possible.

What can you do with the machines?

You just rent them out further, use them for your own needs or make them a special effect for your shows or your client’s spectacles.

Want to sell a machine to someone else? That’s up to you, too!

Many of you ask us about special price or conditions.

All of our clients have the same conditions to make our offer as transparent as it gets.

This also prevents you from feeling played out. Everyone gets the same price with no exceptions.

Because of all that, almost no limits whatsoever, you can operate in any country. If you are planning to move on with your business and/or expand, just do it. No-one will say a thing.

Are there any exclusive dealers in my country, you ask? Can I become one?

As we said before, no agreement means also no local dealers or offices. You can buy FLOGOS ™ only in our European facility or in the USA, but only if you are from the US.

That allows us to keep things simple and maintain good contact between all FLOGOS ™ users worldwide!

To sum things up, you can use our FLOGOS ™ without almost any limitations. We try to keep you stress-free and to make our cooperation smooth.

So what are you waiting for? Go and order your FLOGOS ™ now!

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