Foam party at wedding

Foam party at wedding

Having a foam party at a wedding is a very cool party upgrade. You see people having a lot of fun dancing in the foam with. In the video you see them with their headphones on – a so called silent disco.

Indoors or outdoors does not really matter if you have the right location and foam party equipment. If your wedding hosts up to a 200 people you don´t want too much foam output. All the usual foam machines would not be the right fit for you. You want to dance in the foam and enjoy the party while still being able to interact with your guests. Even though a wedding might not seam to be the perfect environment for a foam party – with our Super E foam machine the set up, the costs, operating the foam machine and the foam output is just perfect – you defiantly can have a foam party at a wedding.

Here is why. The super E foam machine originally was designed for kids foam parties with less out put than the standard night club foam machines. And this turns out to be perfect for weddings as well. Not only ships the super e foam machine in one box can, everything you need to operate it will be in that 1 box. Only 1 normal plug needed (available in 110V and 220V). Setup time is under 15 minutes and is very simple – click here for our setup demo.

foam party at wedding

No other heavy equipment is needed. No water pumps, no heavy foam fluid (we use our special foam powder instead, which can be put in the same box the machine comes in). Even the tripod the foam machine stands on comes with it.

If you are a wedding planer, a rental equipment company or an event agency you definitely have to put our foam machine in your inventory. Your clients will have a great time and this is a perfect upsell for you to your existing customers or maybe even to attract new customers.

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