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FLOGOS – Logos that Fly!

Imagine…making a cloud in the shape of a logo or word. These cloud-like shapes are known as Flogos. (“FLOGOS” is short for “FLYING LOGOS”). They travel as far as the eye can see and can reach heights of more than thousand meter outdoors.
Flogos is more than just a special effect, it became a unique marketing tool. A green marketing opportunity for almost every occasion. So versatile, whether yours is an outdoor event or an indoor concert, Flogos takes your company’s brand to the skies in a form that is unique and memorable for your audience!
The newly designed FLOGOS-Lite is lightweight, portable, and more innovative than before. It’s easy to transport, store and set up; it can be operational in less than five minutes by just one person. Flogos has wheels like your suitcase does and is so convenient, that it can be pulled by one person. The Flogos are 36 inches (92 cm) in diameter. The Flogos machine has a built-in automatic timer to turn the machine on/off at programmable times that allows you to operate the machine 100% automatically.
The operating cost of Flogos can be as little as a penny per Flogo. Stencils are fully customizable and are easy to make. Flogos are 100% environmentally safe. The Flogos can be used to enhance lighting designs, cryo, pyro, or other special effects. Flogos will stop traffic at every event and is a guaranteed eye catcher.
We have sold Flogos in 40+ countries and have done permanent installations, customized features and hundreds of events worldwide. Feel free to contact us anytime and talk to our well experienced Flogos operators for advice or a better understanding of this unique marketing tool.
No Mass and no permissions needed, we even had several events at major airports, ask us for more information and please double check with local authorities. is the official Flogos distributor for Europe and the Middle East.


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