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There are so many applications where scent machines are already used or can be used. Our dry wave technology scent machines allow you to neutralize any existing odor or control the strength of the fragrance in a given room. The dry wave technology means you don’t have to spray or burn any liquids.

The integrated fan distributes the scented air using a dry-wave technology. Dry scent molecules are emitted into the surrounding air via the fan, i.e. no residue and no deposits in the form of perfume oils or spray droplets in the air.
The ES scent machines are used anywhere from cruise ships, hotels, bars and restaurants, retail store, events, 4D movies, lounges and restrooms and much moreā€¦ Feel free to ask us about customs fragrances, safe scent distribution and the most successful and weird places we have installed our scent machines.
The sense of smell is extremely important not only in marketing and sales but also in the way your customers feel.

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