Scent Machine – how to use it in big events?

Scent Machine – how to use it in big events?


Every event has its own peculiar perks and quirks. From the exceptionally massive event to those that are big, but not quite as big as the other group; odors, fragrances and aromas are bound to assail the air and our nostrils. That is where a good scent machine will help to make a great event even better. With the right scent machine you can get your audience an extra level of feel good as well as a brand behavior component that they might have never experienced before.

Having to deal with this non-peculiar situation could be daunting for the uninitiated as they run helter-skelter to find the antidote to the conjured odors. When they eventually find the supposed saviors; these saviors mess up the whole place, as they come on too strong (they’re liquid) or disrupt the order of events. Removing unwanted odors from events should be as unobtrusive as possible but most fail at this hurdle.

While others may have failed, one particular product stands out; The ES Scent Machine

What makes the difference when it comes to a scent machine?

Scent Machines are naturals at events and venues; they add allure to the ambience so much so that, if there are offending odors, they swiftly deal with them, without leaving any trace.

The ES1100 and ES100 Scent Machines stand out in that they use dry-wave technology, thereby limiting the incidences of wet fragrances floating around, while controlling the strength of fragrances and neutralizing existing odors. Using dry-wave technology means you don´t have to spray or burn any liquids.

The integrated cooling system distributes scented air, and the molecules emitted are circulated into the surrounding air via the fan. This means that as far as your event is concerned, you should expect no residue and no deposits in the form of perfume oils, or spray droplets in the air.

The use of the ES Scent Machine is flexible and you can put it to good use anywhere; from cruise ships, hotels, bars and restaurants, retail store, events and events centers, lounges and even, restrooms.
As our perception and ability to smell is valuable in purchasing decisions, it is necessary that all customers should be kept happy.

So, whatever your events or use for ES Scent Machine, you should be confident that you’ll get the best without messing up the atmosphere of your special events.


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