How Scent Machines can help your business

How Scent Machines can help your business


In the human body, there is perhaps no more intense or more powerful sense than our sense of smell. It has the power to evoke memories and to change emotions. This sense is the first to develop when we are born, and though there are animals with much better senses of smell than humans, we use it for everything from tasting our food, to identifying good and bad food, to recognizing someone we know. This makes scent extremely important and is one of the reasons that having an effective scent machine is so important to so many different businesses.


The benefits of our scent machines include:


  1. Dry-wave technology – Those who are allergic to most scents are not necessarily allergic to the scent itself, but to how that scent is being produced. The dry-wave technology in our scent machines enables them to function without spraying or burning scent liquids, which is perfect for areas where spraying or burning is against the rules or would irritate allergies.


  1. A timer – The timers on our scent machines make them extremely easy to operate. All you have to do is set the machine when you arrive for the day, program the machine for how you want it to run and how long you want it to run, and then forget about it. Because it does not spray or burn the scent, programming one of our machines is much safer than other scent machines on the market.


  1. Perfect for large and small areas alike – Our scent machines can be controlled via DMX, making them perfect for large events or for large buildings and spaces, as well as being ideal for smaller areas.


  1. Multifunctional – One of our scent machines is the perfect addition to just about any business or event. They are great for the amusement industry (for 4D movies or amusement park rides), neutralizing scents, or use in restaurants, coffee shops, or bakeries that want to smell fresh and welcoming to potential customers.


Our scent machines are designed specifically to be safe to use and for users to be able to use or create their own scents. If you want to evoke a certain feeling or play on a certain memory, scent is the perfect way to do it and our scent machines are the perfect way to distribute that scent.


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