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T1100 Snow Machine makes a Special Occasions More Special

T1100 Snow Machine makes a Special Occasions More Special

We as humans love to celebrate any occasion which is special for us in the most special way. And here is why the T1100 snow machines can make your special occasions even more special. We used to gather a lot of things for the arrangements. Like we take the approach in the decorations for the event, we choose the best venue and the best decoration items. This helps us in fulfilling our desires in the way we really want it to be.

At such parties and occasions, we now have snow machines like the T1100 that throws snow fluids which is quite light and evaporates too. This effect of snowing gives the party a realistic look of snow falling in an enclosed space. This T1100 snow machine and the special snow fluid which is tailored especially for the customers to be 100% safe and evaporative are available at It runs on 10 amps at 220V with instant snow warm up time.

We at guarantee that the T1100 snow machine and the special snow fluid we sell will give you the real effect which is the driest and used to disappear very quickly. Our T1100 used about 43% less snow fluid than any of its competitors on the market today. This doesn’t mean that it lacks in performance in any way. You can judge it through its high performance and a lifetime warranty that assures its reliability. T1100 allows you to make changes according to your desired needs like it offers about 99 different flake sizes to choose from and the 4 channel DMX set on-board with duty cycle timer (5 and 15 min repeat cycle timer).

This T1100 snow machine with our special snow fluid is good because of many reasons. It throws snowflakes in 99 different sizes at a distance of about 8-10 meters with an average width of 2.5-3.5 meters. It takes about 30-120 seconds of time to complete evaporate the snow flakes. This machine uses about one complete Gallon of snow fluid in about 1 to 3 hours depending upon the settings of the machine you have chosen.

The T1100 is not only to be used in regular parties like we used to have for kids Birthday’s or marriage ceremonies. But it is also good for places like nightclubs, 3D-4D movie cinemas, bars of all kinds and for use in movie productions as well. Now, you may easily find these awesome T1100 snow machines attached to the snow fluid in Kids play zones present in different kindergarten, fast food restaurants, water park’s pools and in many different places as well. This is totally a harmless machine and the fluid is 1005 safe and certified for use in any place you want it to be.

We offer this machine with a complete solution of T1100 snow machine and the special snow fluid used to make snowflakes. Allowing you to use it for any purpose, whether regular or for commercial purposes.

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T1100 snow machine

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