Make the most of the upcoming snow season

Make the most of the upcoming snow season

Never bother about positioning, quality or warranties again.

You run a rental equipment company; you own or manage a night club; or you’re an event manger with a lot of flair. Make the most of the upcoming snow season.

You want to capture the imagination of your clients. You want to add some pep to your location without downplaying aesthetics, taking up too much space or worrying about quality of your equipment.

You want to jazz up the atmosphere. You want to capture the moment.

How best to do these than to have the T-1500 Snow Machine capture the white season?

The T-1500 Snow Machine is the rave of the market. This radical evaporative snow machine which can be used on the ground or hung on a truss comes well equipped to make your event/venue the place to be.

Offering the driest snow on the market, which it can send up to 50 feet high or more; prepare your customers to get ready for the exciting spectacle that comes with using the T-1500 Snow Machine.

When you purchase your own T-1500 Snow Machine, you should expect;

  • Lifetime warranty
  • High output fan in a swivel case
  • Support by a strong and bracketed frame
  • Awesome snow-fall effects in combination with snow fluid.
  • Perfect for use in amusement parks, Television programs sets
  • Ideal for use by equipment rental companies, night clubs and as general events add-on
  • Free shipping within the EU.

Making the T-1500 work for you is very simple and straightforward; as it is activated by it’s on board DMX and built in repeat cycle timer.

This snow machine only requires a 10 amp circuit, showing that we care about energy consumption, and you’re sure of minimal energy use.

Get in the mood for the season! Get your very own T-1500 Snow machine and make that event or location the best around.


Got your T-1500 Snow machine already?

You can simply order for the snow fluid alone, and you can be sure of getting the best always.

Don’t waste any more time, get the instant snow machine and/or snow fluid!

Make a statement, make it count.

Place your order now.

You’d be glad you do.

Take action, now.

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Electrical requirements: 10 Amps, 220v circuits per machine.
Warm Up Time: instant snow
Distance of Snow Throw: 50+ feet (starting at ground level)
Width of Snow Throw: 30+ feet
Size of Flake: small flurry to large silver dollar flakes.
Evaporative Time: 30-120 seconds
Totally evaporative snow is possible as long as the setting of flakes is evaporating within 30 seconds.
Length of Snow per Gallon: 1 to 3 hours


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