What are FLOGOS™?

flogos lite machine

What are FLOGOS™?


Remember back in the day when we played with play-doh. We took the play-doh and pushed it through a stencil to get a nice form. Now we use foam instead of play-doh. We “push” foam through a stencil to get custom foam form or logo. To push the foam through the stencil we use air and helium.

See it is not that complicated. Due to the helium the FLOGOS is lighter than air and that is why it will rise and fly until it evaporates (which is a fancy word for disappears) which is aprox. after 30-40 minutes. You saw that the FLOGOS machines constantly produces FLOGOS so even with 1 Machines you fill up the sky pretty quickly.

Now as you got the basic concept I am sure your brain already goes creative now stay with us we have much more for you.

FLOGOS™ are individually designable flying foam motifs that rise into the air and guarantee an out-of-the-ordinary visual experience! With FLOGOS™, you can present your messages, symbols and logos in a way that truly grabs attention.

Events become the talk of the town, children gaze wide-eyed, passers-by stop in their tracks, intrigued, and word-of-mouth advertising is guaranteed.

FLOGOS™ also means: 360° communication. With these “flying logos”, you transcend the borders of sensory overload on the ground and make the sky your advertising space. They are widely visible, above and beyond the roofs of the town, and can travel long distances before dissolving without a trace.

All eco-friendly, made from special soap, water, air and helium gas.

FLOGOS™ are:



  • Everyone wants to grab and play with them
  • Integrate them in games, rides or shows



  • Entertainment for the whole family
  • Applicable on parade truck or campaign / roadshow vehicle
  • Themeable and fully customizable
  • Stand alone or add on to any attraction

Unique and memorable:

  • Endless stencils possible
  • To stand out above the competition


FLOGOS™ Generates:



  • Wow effect
  • Positive and friendly
  • To underline your message


  • Quick ROI
  • More guests / attention / Leads


FLOGOS™ grabs:



  • It‘s all about attention!
  • Attention guarantee that will surprise your audience
  • As navigation point visible from long distance



You can use FLOGOS™ for:


Social Media:

  • Will spread your word
  • Picture worthy for social sharing
  • Social shareable


Marketing, Advertising and Promotion:

  • Promotion campaigns
  • Roadshows
  • Product launches and store openings
  • Sales promotion
  • Guerrilla and ambush marketing
  • Trade fairs and congresses
  • TV commercials
  • Marketing outdoor campaigns
  • Corporate events


How to get it?

click here to order your FLOGOS™ today


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