FLOGOS email correspondence

Flogos comic

FLOGOS email correspondence here is something we want to share because we think it might be valuable Flogos information for you. Below is an original email correspondence with a potential Flogos customer, all we did we XXX out the name. If you want more information about topics like that please check out our FLOGOS Buyers […]

FLOGOS mieten leicht gemacht

FLOGOS mieten leicht gemacht   Was kostet FLOGOS? Kann man FLOGOS mieten? Wann lohnt sich der Kauf von FLOGOS? – das sind wahrscheinlich die Top 3 Fragen, die wir immer wieder gestellt bekommen. Hier wollen wir mal einen genaueren Blick auf unser Mietmodell werfen sowie auf die anderen 2 Fragen eingehen. Bevor wir anfangen, noch ein kurzer […]

FLOGOS – Buyers guide

Flogos Superman

FLOGOS – Buyers guide – What should I buy?   After years of FLOGOS™ lite, we have summed up our experience in this FLOGOS – Buyers guide, and we can say one thing for sure: Dear buyer, we know exactly what you need! In this short guide, we will try to lead you through the whole […]

How Scent Machines can help your business

How Scent Machines can help your business   In the human body, there is perhaps no more intense or more powerful sense than our sense of smell. It has the power to evoke memories and to change emotions. This sense is the first to develop when we are born, and though there are animals with […]

Scent Machine – how to use it in big events?

Scent Machine – how to use it in big events?   Every event has its own peculiar perks and quirks. From the exceptionally massive event to those that are big, but not quite as big as the other group; odors, fragrances and aromas are bound to assail the air and our nostrils. That is where […]

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